Why does Zigbee Coordinator firmware reset my Netduino / arduino?

I have a Series 2 XBee running the Zigbee coordinator API firmware (version 2170) and periodically there is a huge flood of data on the RX line, followed by a reset that also resets my microcontroller.

I have temporarily stopped the reset by removing the XBee shield from the microcontroller (Netduino) and connecting it via jumper wires, however the flood of data still occurs followed by two packets:

ModemStatusResponse: 1
ModemStatusResponse: 6

Everything I have found online indicates this is some issue with the Zigbee stack and arduino platform, and is resolved by replacing the Zigbee firmware with ZNET 2.5 firmware - Is this really necessary?

I have captured the data “flood” bytes and can provide if that would help diagnose the problem, or if it is as simple as a config setting or tying a pin to GND / 3.3V, I am willing to go there. Replacing the firmware just seems like a bandaid rather than a true fix…

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The firmware version you are using is out of date. Have you tried upgrading it to the current 21A7 version of code?

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Yes, I have upgraded and seen the same issue. Thank you for the suggestion though!

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Sorry sir I meant to delete the first post. Due to poor internet connection I clicked ‘Add comment’ but then later realise I have to add more info. Thinking the first comment has not been sent I edited the comment and again clicked ‘Add comment’. I was then sent to this post with 2 comments. It didn’t recognise it was a duplicate since I edited my second comment so I replace my first comment with a . I hope you understand

This is my comment:
I have the same problem. I’m using the latest firmware. I am using 2 xBee Pro Series 2(AT Coordinator and AT Router) with an arduino MEGA 2560. The coordinator is connected to an arduino that counts the number of times it detects a ‘HIGH’ from a pin. The router is connected to an arduino that acts as the remote of the coordinator --it displays the counter and sends data to the coordinator. At first, there seems to be no problem but after 1 week of non stop operation the arduino resets when I unplug the router’s power supply. Is this normal? During configuration I restored both xBees to default and only changed their ID, DH and DL.