why is there no sample for 1G/1G no wireless of CC6UL in IOMUX program?

Hi Guys,

We are developing the custom board using cc6Ul with LINUX.
When I try to make a dts file by using IOMUX, I noticed that there’s no sample file for 1G without wireless mudule.
There’re only three samples for it: 256M with wireless, 256M without wireless and 1G with wireless.
Which platform can I choose if I want to use 1G without wireless module?

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The size of the memories doesn’t imply any difference in the pinout/IOmux. CC-MX-JN7A-Z1 is a non-wireless variant. So, in the IOMUX tool, customer should select a non-wireless variant (regardless the size of the DDR/NAND). You can use the CC-MX-JN58-Z1.

Thanks, it’s clear now.