Why my Disassociated after long sleep time?

Hi everyone,

I am having problem setting up my network. To provide an overview, I setting up a multi-node network where all nodes are configured as End Devices that are controlled by a MCU (PSoC4 from Cypress). The MCU controls the node sleep and awake times as well as the temperature sensors (TMP107) data acquisition.

The nodes will be sleeping for about 5min and then wake up, collect data and send to the Network coordinator.

The problem I’m facing is that several times after the module is waken up, the device is disassociated to the network, and then I had to send a reset module AT command + wait for a ‘Device joined Network’ modem status to send the data, otherwise the data is missed. This approach takes up to 10s to connect to the PAN.

I would like to know how if I have made a mistake in configuring the module to operate with long sleep periods (follow below the module configuration).

/---------------------Module configuration--------------------------/
SC: 7FFF SD: 3
ZS: 0 NJ: FF
NW: 0 JV: 0
JN: 0 CE: 0
DO: 0 DC: 0

DH/DL: 0 NH: 1E
BH: 0 AR: FF
DD: A0000 NT: 3C
NO: 0 CR: 3

SE: 3E8 DE: E8
CI: 11 TO: 0

PL: Highest [4] PM: Boost Mode Enabled [1]

EE: Disabled [0] EO: 0

BD: 57600 [6] NB: No Parity [0]
SB: One Stop Bit [0] RO: 3
D7/D6: Disable [0] AP: API Enabled [1]
AO: Native [0]

CT: 64 GT: 3E8
CC: 2B

SP: 358 SN: 1
SM: Pin Hibernate [1] ST: A

D0: Comissioning Button [1]
D5: Associate indicator [1]
D8: Sleep RQ [1]
D9: Awake/Sleep Indicator [1]
P0: RSSI PWM Output [1]
All other I/Os: Disable [0]
LT: 0
RP: 28

IR/IC/V+: 0

I would appreciate any commend on this regard.

A great week to everyone.

The problem is, that you have not told the parent routers and coordinator how long your end device will be sleeping. To resolve the issue, you need to set the SP and SN times on the parent router and coordinator to match or exceed the sleep time of your end device.

Hi mvut,

Thank you very mush for your fast reply. Indeed this was the issue. Now everything is working fine in the network, I do not need to reset the module every time it awakes.

Thank you again.