Wi-EM serial port problem

Wi-EM device is accessible via telnet session and all configuration appears possible. I have configured both ports for Realport operation at 9600, 8, N, 1 with no flow control. However, loopback test using telnet to the port id (ie com ports are 4 & 5 for the Wi-EM)on the COM4 port fails with “Could not open connection to the host … port 2004… conncetion failed”

and when telneting to port 771, an extra carriage return gets the repeating error message " Port out of range"

Any thoughts as to what is goi9ng on here ? Firmware and Realport drivers ar ethe latest versions.

I suspect that there is nothing wrong with your Wi-EM. I do suspect, however, that you may have RealPort configured incorrectly and are not quite clear on how things are meant to work.

First, TCP port 771 is the default port used by RealPort, this is the default port number configured both in the RealPort driver as well as the Wi-EM. The fact that you get the repeating message “Port out of range”, when you attempt to telnet to port 771, indicates that the Wi-EM is configured properly and is expecting a RealPort connection on that port.

I am not quite clear as to where this port 2004 comes into play, but I suspect that you are under the assumption that port COM4 is supposed to be using TCP port 2004, while COM5 used 2005? This is not the case.

The RealPort driver should be configured to be using port 771. Additionally, as it is already setup to do, the Wi-EM should be using the same. The PC-to-WiEM data path, for both serial ports COM4 and COM5 will share a single TCP socket between the two systems.

Also, go into the configuration of the Wi-EM and make certain that the port profile is set to RealPort.

When the port profile is set for RealPort you will not be able to telnet directly to the port. To do this the profile should be configured for TCP (or UDP) Sockets, then you will be able to telnet to port 2001 (2002) or 2101 (2102) and communicate with the serial interface.

Hope this clears things up.


Thanks for the info. However, with both sides configured to port 771, and port profile set to Realport, and the management tab on the Wi-EM web browser saying that a serial port is connected, there is still little activity on the LEDs on the serial port on the development board (CTS, RTS and TxD solid green, RxD toggling green). The cable and serial device are know good and work fine off a standard com port.

I had a little more luck getting activity when the serial port was configured using TCP sockets (although my preferred approach is to use the Realport redirection).

We will likely gain better traction on your issue if you were to call our support line at (952) 912-3456 or submit an online support request via http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/eservicelogin.jsp

It sounds as if there is some additional configuration problem at play here.

The bulk of the support staff start the day at 8 a.m. CST, call us any time from then until 5:30 p.m.