in this wifi transfer i am going to send only signals as data not like text so will i get any interference .what do i have to do to minimise the interference . is there any hardware module to reduce the interference


It all depends on what you want to transfer and how you intend to implement the PC end of it.

On the subject of interference you cannot do much other than try different antennae or reposition the controller or the access point, do site surveys to find the clearest channel and so on. If you are using TCP/IP for the comms you are relying on the TCP/IP stack to handle error recovery and ensure reliable connections. If you use UDP you are relying on the TCP/IP stack to ensure the packets are either received correctly or dropped and you would implement an application layer acknowledge or similar handshaking scheme to ensure delivery took place.

It might be worth looking at the BACnet stack I maintain (https://sourceforge.net/projects/bacrabbit/) and the C version of it (https://sourceforge.net/projects/bacnet/) as a ready made solution for transferring the data but that would depend very much on what type of data you want to exchange. Is it a stream of data or is it discrete information that could be representated as BACnet analog or binary point objects?


Its a stream of data which the rabbit WiFi module has to transmit and that has to be displayed as a graph on the PC and get updated every second.

Now the transmitting part should not be much of a problem but on the receiver side(PC) what do I use for runtime display?