Would this device communicate with an Xbee ZB coordinator?

Would this device:

Jetlun Jim

communicate properly with an Xbee ZB coordinator? Would there be limitations? (Ability to join, support encryption, etc.)? How can I tell?

All the XBee specifications are available on the digi website.

There is no documentation on that link you sent so you would need that first.

Considering it suggests a recommended product of http://shop.wiserhome.com/store/en/schneider/schneider-electric-wiser-zigbee-gateway-coordinator?cm_cr=No+Campaign--Web+Activity--Product+Recommendation--ProductRight_CatEntries--Schneider+Electric+Wiser+Zigbee+Gateway+Coordinator

and Digi manufacture http://www.digi.com/products/model?mid=4382

I suspect you will find it to be compatible.

Oh look at that, it looks like the exact same gateway as they sell. That’s interesting. I wonder if their remote devices have xbee modules inside them?

Actually, it looks as though you will need a Smart Energy coordinator gateways rather than “ZB”:


oh okay, see I had no idea that was different from a normal ZigBee coordinator.