ZIGBEE high power Coordinator won't talk to ZIGBEE Routers

I have a working network with a mix of high and low powered ZIGBEE units. I can get the network to work with a low power unit as Coordinator but can’t get it to work with a high power unit as the Coordinator. I have tried several high power units with no success. I can successfully use both types as Routers. The PAN addresses are all the same, DH on the Coordinator is 0 and DL is FFFF. The Routers are set to DH = DL = 0. Is there a parameter I’m missing?

Also, the update rate is about 5 times per minute. I am sending time data and I need a rate of 1 second or less. Is there a setting that controls this?

Thanks for any suggestions,

What do you mean by you can’t get them working? Are they not associating or attempting to associate with the Coordinator?