WR44RR Forgot Username & Password


I’ve got a number of WR44RR’s deployed that nobody can seem to remember the username & password. I know the devices ship with unique passwords due to recent laws and are usually either affixed on the device or come on a card that ships with the device. The problem is the devices are ~5 hours away from me and I’m trying to prevent a long trip and there’s not absolute certainty on where the devices are.

Is there any thought if I call support and provide them the serial number they could provide me with the default credentials if they weren’t changed?

Thank you in advance.

Hope this knowledgebase article helps.


I appreciate the response, thank you! I had come across this and tried with no luck and I was assuming the password is the unique one on the label. I wasn’t sure if digi would have a database of some sorts with devices that I could call and provide a serial to determine the unique password applied.