X-Bee WiFi S6B gets disconnected in "n" mode only

I have two xbee WiFi modules sending serial data to each other in transparent mode, UDP, infrastructure. One module is the old S6 and the other is the newer S6B firmware version 2024. I configured the Access Point (AP) to work in “n” mode only. After some time (3 to 5 hours) the newer one gets disconnected to the AP while the older S6 still works. Any idea of what could be happening?.

Server timeout value on your S6B?

There are guard intervals on the S6B for the N band. Could you be exceeding these levels?

Thanks for your answer. The AP was configured not to use SGI (Short Guard Interval).The S6B firmware version is 2026 not 2024. If I configure the AP in only “b” mode or only “g” mode, it works fine.

Just because the access point is not does not mean that the radio is not.

Thanks again. I don’t see any configuration parameter to deal with the Guard intervals in the S6B X-CTU configuration software.