X CTU:The command +++ does not working ( Xbee S2 & Xbee pro S2 )


I have some Xbee S2 and Xbee Pro S2.

When I send the command +++ The xbee don’t respond. I don’t understand why.

When I use the restart button I see ~…u~…s

Ps: X CTU can update one configuration.
Ps2: I use the libelium usb board.

Configuration :
Function Router API

Thanks you in advance

Hello Matt

+++ is used to enter AT command mode when an AT firmware is loaded on module, in your case, it should be ‘Function Router AT’.

In API mode, you need to send a 0x08 packet frame to access any AT command.


Thanks , now i understand.

Datasheet exemple:

API Examples
: Create an API AT command frame to configure an XB
ee to allow joining (set
NJ to 0xFF). The frame
should look like:
0x7E 0x00 0x05 0x08 0x01 0x4E 0x4A 0xFF 5F
Where 0x0005 = length
0x08 = AT Command API frame type
0x01 = Frame ID (set to non-zero value)
0x4E4A = AT Command (‘NJ’)
0xFF = value to set command to
0x5F = Checksum

You might not use the internal microcontroller “freescalexxxxx” without using an external micontrollore?