X-CTU with Vista

Is this software compatable with Vista?

Officially no, i.e. Windows Vista isn’t listed in the release notes of the utility as a supported operating system, but a colleague tells me its possible to use XCTU on a Vista machine as long as the Windows Vista Communications Suite is installed. Please let us know your results if you try it.

I have Vista and it works fine on my laptop … however, it only works after a few attempts. I’ve only managed to run the range test, but initially, it couldnt open the com port, but after restarting X-CTU, it works ok.

I have tried with Vista and can not get a com port to open.

… its possible to use XCTU on a Vista machine as long as the Windows Vista Communications Suite is installed…

Any more info on this? I googled it but could not find anything.

This should be part of the Vista distribution, i.e. it should be on your CDs.

Using my laptop running Vista I can not get X-CTU to open a com port or even recognize a port.

This week I got a new desktop running Vista and X-CTU works just fine.

Sadly, I’m having the same exact issue. The red power light comes on, but my laptop Vista doesn’t even recognize that the USB plug has been plugged in. Device Manager won’t create/add the COM port. And, of course, X-CTU won’t show any COM ports. Any ideas? Is it a Vista issue?

Same problem here. I use 64 bit Windows Vista. Communication with Dev boards is at best sporadic (both the serial and the USB version). I tried running X-CTU in 32 bit XP mode, same thing.
I also tried a 3rd party USB/Serial adapter to talk to the XDEV-R-serial board. Same thing.

I also tried running X-CTU on older Windows XP machine with SP3. I had to use my USB/Serial Adapter. Same thing. I didn’t try the USB version of the development board on the XP machine, but I don’t think that would have worked either.

Back to my 64 bit Vista machine:
I know my USB/Serial adapter is working fine, because I tested it with an older Garmin using putty as a terminal and I receive data just fine
Then I used my 3rd USB/Serial converter via putty to talk to the dev board and guess what…IT WORKS!!!. Putty also had no problems talking to the USB dev board.

So…the smallest common denominator in this process is X-CTU. It’s either an interaction between X-CTU and the serial drivers, or XCTU itself is at fault.

These guys need better documentation…
I am using programmable Pro ZB modules. I finally figured out, that you have to bypass the bootloader to use XCTU. Once I did that XCTU was communicating just fine with the modems.

The documentation also clearly needs to state that XCTU is a 32 bit program. You can run it under Vista, but you will encounter some funky behaviour, unless you run XCTU in 32 bit XP mode. I changed the settings for XCTU and everything is working as it should now