X-CTU wont work on ATDT

Hi Everyone,
I recently got the module. Range test etc are all working fine. Now the problem is when i want to test AT commands using terminal ATDT wont work.
ATVR… ATWR,AT%V etc all work fine but ATDT, ATAM etc wont work

here is what i did.

returns ok


I finally got it… Actually i was working in modem configuration of digimesh…(9Xtend 9600/115K DIGIMESH). There is nothing as such ATDT in it ATDT is further divided into ATDH and ATDL. ATDT is hopping modem configurations. there is a pull down menu and you can always select modem configuration and write it. During it if write fails you may need to reset the board by holding the reset button for 2 seconds then do it again. It will work…