X4 Serial Port access using UDP


I have an X4 and want to access a Modbus device connected to the serial port via UDP using iDigi DIA. Can I determine or set the X4 serial port UDP address from iDigi Discovery?

Do I need ‘industrial automation’ set to use UDP on the X4?

If you wish to access the serial port from within iDigi/Dia using UDP/IP, you have these options:

  1. do the direct pyserial from Python, then bind on a UDP port and respond to client queries.
  2. enable the ‘UDP Sockets’ within the X4 serial port profiles, then UDP data is available on UDP port 2101. Remote tools could query a cellular IP UDP port 2101, or Python could query it via localhost:2101
  3. the IA engine can serve Modbus/TCP or Modbus/RTU on a UDP/IP port - just enable a Master on UDP/IP transport. It can also translate. So you could enable the X4 to respond to Modbus/TCP requests on UDP port 502, and enable a Modbus/RTU serial driver to a slave. The nice thing about option #3, is Python becomes just another Modbus client, and you allow remote Modbus masters to share the serial Modbus device.