XB Zb SMT datarate inquiry

Dear all,

I was thinking about using your XB Zb SMT module. Regarding this product I have some doubt as if it would be suitable for my product. my product will comprise of 3 small wearable modules and a base station that acts as a charger but also as a “master” data collection point. From the master the data goes into the computer. Every module will be sending a data packet of 16bytes at an interval of 20ms

  1. Can I use the XB Zb SMT modules receiving this data at the interval stated above? I know ZigBee can create mesh networks and although my network is small, I am in doubts regarding my data throughput

I would like to thank you in advance for any feedback and suggestions you could give me.

David Ribeiro

ZB would have trouble using such fast packets. With the mesh, you always have some periods of seconds where the ‘mesh’ is not moving ANY data due to route discovery.

If you do not require the mesh, the 802.15.4 models might be able to handle that.