XB24 pro series 1: Losing signal on LED costumes

I’ve setup some costumes controlled wirelessly using arduino and XB24 pro s1 w/ RPSMA antennas, point to multipoint, using AT. They work great, but in some instances (for example using them for a convention gig) they don’t receive a serial signal. I’m guessing that it’s because of a lot of 2.4GHz noise. Is there a better solution, so that there is no loss of transmission? Would the Xbee Pro 900 work in this situation?
I send serial data to five costumes and sync it to music, so transmission is paramount.

You must be using ‘Line Passing’ feature of these modules. Unfortunately, they are the only modules which supports this feature.

Try to maximize range of these module. These articles might be helpful:

If you are not using the DIO line passing function or if you are doing this via the API interface, then you could switch to the 900 HP modules.