XB3M1 Python Soft Reboot.


I am having a problem with Soft Reboot in Python on my XBee for NB/IoT.

My setting:

  • Xbee device, that automatically executes python script to download a datastream.
  • It is Connected via Special Xbee adapter and its pins ( 5V, TX, GND)

My Problem:

  • In my Script I have Soft Reboot command, because sometimes connection to the internet gets stuck, and that soft reboot helps.
  • Soft Reboot works ONLY, when I have a USB cable connected to my Xbee Adapter. Without the USB Cable connected ( only pins connected) Soft Reboot doesnt work.

I cannot figure out why, since Soft Reboot is just a programming feature of Xbee.

I think you had better take a closer look at your VCC. Per the manual, the NBiOT XBee only supports a VCC range of 3.3 - 4.3. That could be your issue. Also make sure that your Micro Python code is uploaded and set to run on power up.