XB8 10kbps(=XB8-DPUS) 80kpbs (=XB8-DMUS) interoperability

I’am currently testing two modules, namely the XB8-DMUS and XB8-DPUS.
Both using point-to-point communcation. I can’t get them to work together.
I know that I can only use digimesh using the XB8-DMUS.
Is a point to point communication between those ‘different’ modules possible? I know differences involves the RF modulation speed, so i guess this they don’t work together, but I want to be sure, before I take one chip off.

One is running at an 80k RF date rate where as the other is running at a 10k data rate. Unless they are running at the same data rate, you will never get them to communicate. IE you must make them both Either DM or DP.