xbee 1 network not able to work alongside a xbee 2 network?

This message relates to the same project I have been referring to in the unstable network thread:

I have 8 end devices which will be placed in 8 trees, supervised by a coordinator placed in another tree.

While I am doing setup I was hoping to be able to monitor the network, without being in the tree myself.

The coordinator is a microcontroller where one serial port controls the coordinator xbee module and sends messages to the other nodes. The second serial port sends the monitor messages from the microcontroller so I can see whats going on.
I was hoping to use two xbee 1 modules, one connected to the second serial port of the microcontroller, the other to my laptop.
This setup works fine, for 10 seconds: it seems the xbee 1 module gets jammed (for lack of a better word) by the xbee 2 module, serial communications simple stop, and the on/sleep light blinks frenetically.
If I remove the xbee 2 module, the xbee 1 module works fine the whole time.

the xbee2 is running in API mode, with a different pan id than the xbee 1 which is running in AT mode, so I don´t see how they interfere with each other.

Or is there a completely different explanation for this?


If the XBee modules are in different PAN and channels they don’t interfere with each other.
To have a better communication network, it is good to set separate channels for each network. The available channels are given in the product manuals.