Xbee 868LP 80k / configuration


I use two Xbee 868LP modems. One as ground station, linked to a computer through FTDI utility board. The other on a automatic pilot in an aircraft (paparazzi system).
I do not succeed in getting the transmission.

When autopilot and FTDI board linked directly by wire, the serial link is working. When I replace the wire by the modems, I have not the telemetry. It probably comes from a wrong configuration in my side…

My configuration :

Xbee 1 (ground station), all default except:

  • CE : Indirect Msg Coordinator
  • PL = 5 mW
  • DH and DL match SH and SL from xbee 2
  • BD : 57600
  • DD : DDDD

Xbee 2 (Aircraft), all default except :

  • CE : Non-Routing Module
  • DH and DL match SH and SL of Xbee 1
  • BD : 57600
  • DD : DDDD

Is there something wrong in that configuration, that could explain the problem ?

Thanks in advance


First off, I would recommend setting CE to 0 on both. Next, I would set the TO to 0x40.

You should note that the radios will add some latency, you may need to adjust your timeout to compensate for that additional latency.

Third thing is to double check your voltage levels. The XBee modules are 3V devices and are NOT 5V tolerant on the data pins.