Xbee 900h Problem sending data from Coordinator to Standard Router

I have two 900MHZ units (3 more to be added). When they both are configured as “Standard Router” I can send and receive data from either one.
However, I want to use the node discovery function (ATND), and that only works when the unit is configured as a “Coordinator”. The ATND function works, but I can not send any data from the “Coordinator” to the “Standard Router”. Data being sent from the “Standard Router” are received at the “Coordinator”.
What am I missing regarding sending data from the Coordinator to the “Standard Router”?

The 900 HP uses the Coordinator function for talking to sleeping routers.

Thanks, but that is the opposite what I want.
(Using XBP9B-DPUT-001, 900 MHZ)
I am putting the Routers (End units) in sleep mode while they are collecting data. When any End unit has a predetermined amount of data, I turn the sleep mode off. The coordinator is scanning every 30 seconds to see if any End units are on line (using the ATND function). If one or more is on line (Not sleeping), it will request data to be transmitted).
I was previously using the XBP24CAUIT-001 (2.4GHZ unit) without any problems.


They are different products using different protocols. For that reason, what works on one may not work with the other.

Make sure that you have any of the mesh functions turned off. That is set the MR and BH to 1. Also set the TO command to 0x40.

Then use the Sleep request pin to put a module to a sleeping state with Pin sleep. Don’t power it off. Turning off a module instead of using the sleep functions cause a module to loose routing tables, parent tables and neighbor tables…