Xbee & ANT+ interfacing

Is it possible to interface the Xbee series 1 802.15.4 with and ANT+ devices transmitting on 2.4 GHz ISM band?

Any chance to support me on rewriting the Xbee with this profile via XCTU?

Channel Type: Slave (0x00)
Network Key: ANT+ Managed Network Key
RF Channel Frequency: 57 (0x39)
Transmission Type: 0 for pairing
Device Type: 25 (0x19)
Device Number: 1 – 65535 (0 for searching)
Channel Period: 65535 or 8192 counts
Search Timeout: (recommended = 45 seconds)

Thank you for your insight and hints.

The ANT protocol is a Propitiatory protocol. It is unknown if it would be allowed to.

You are going to need to talk to the other vendor to find out if they allow for 802.15.4 Public Profile devices to communicate with their devices.

Hi Mvut,
It looks like ANT+ does allow Public Profiles. As an ANT adopter they also make available the proprietary keys if you sign up on their website…

Sounds like you are going to need to work with ANT to get that worked out.