Xbee Can't communicate with Xctu and others..

I was need to change my Xbee’s baudrate from 9600 to 57600 for a new projects. I have a couple of 60mW Wire antenna Xbee.

One of them changed its baudrate succesfully, but the other one didn’t.

There is no short circuit or another thing to damage the Xbee.

I can’t understand how it can be, but now I can’t communicate with my xbee. I tried all baudrates in Xctu. When I press the Test/query button, “unable to connect”…

I have only USB Xbee explorer(sparkfun).
What shold I do?

Thanks in advance…
Also Merry Christmas…

You could try using X-CTU to reload the firmware. The Unofficial FAQ at
has some suggestions on what to do if the reload itself has problems. Good luck!

The radios are designed to look like a simple cable. That is all you need to do is to give them data and they will send it. Nothing else. It is truly that simple. Just like any serial cable.

As for the addressing, by default, the radios are shipped in a peer to peer communications topology. This means that by default, any node can talk to any other node in range. If you wish to configure them for either a Point to point or point to multi-point network topology, I would recommend looking at http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=2187.

mvut; so what?
I know what is xbee…

I still can’t connect with xctu in all baudrates…


Then I would recommend following the steps outlined at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxOqQZD-oaM

Do I have to buy this XBIB port? I have only Sparkfun Xbee USB explorer…

Providing the explorer has all of the proper connections, you should be able to use it. I would recommend checking with Spark fun to determine this.

The problem is Explorer has Ft232, if I dont’ connect it to +5V, Xctu can’t see it…

I’m wondering can I do it by max232 on a breadboard?

If you make sure you have all of the necessary connections, then yes you can.

According to the Sparkfun website, the necessary connections are there. So you should be able to reload the firmware with the Explorer board.