XBEE cellular SMS error


Is this familiar error to you?

I think settings (P# set , IP Protocol = SMS, latest firmware 11411 ect…) are correct…

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1=== import network
2=== c = network.Cellular()
3=== c.isconnected()
4=== c.sms_send(“phonenumber”, “testi”)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 4, in
OSError: [Errno 7005] EIO

The code you pasted needs to wait for the cellular connection to be up. The code should look something like:

import network
import time

phone_number = “XXXXXXXXXX” # Target Phone number

c = network.Cellular()
while not c.isconnected():
time.sleep(1) # Indent this line once
c.sms_send(phone_number, “Test!”)