Xbee - Computer (Labview) - Using Ethernet Cable

Hi, I am new with both Xbee and Labview hehe.

I am trying to connect xbee with labview using a ethernet cable.
Is it possible?

Basicaly what is want to do is:
board to control a motor - Xbee (1) - Xbee (2) - Ethernet cable - My omputer (with labview)

  1. So the board which controls a motor will comunicate with the first Xbee.
  2. The firs Xbee will communicate with the second Xbee
  3. The second Xbee will communicate to labview trough a Ethernet cable.

Thank you very much,

Hi Lara

National Instrument forum is a good place to find information about using XBee with LabVIEW.

some links: