xbee gateway vs. smart energy gateway

I’m trying to decide if I want an XBee Smart Energy gateway or just a regular XBee gateway. I have some devices in the smart energy profile and some devices that are not (mostly on a custom/proprietary profile).

Which should I choose?

Actually sounds like you need both. Smart Energy gateways will only communicate with other Smart Energy devices. The custom/proprietary devices will need to use a non-Smart Energy gateway.

userid0 is completely correct. You will need to use both as a smart energy network is only allowed to have smart energy devices on it. Where as the custom network is most likely using a public network. In addition, smart energy devices require specific hardware keys that must be issued to all devices within the network before than can associate. You will not be ale to get the necessary keys for the non smart energy devices.

Now if you can manage to get the smart energy devices to function or connect without using encryption, then you can use a Non Smart Energy gateway for both.