Why isn't the smart energy gateway showing my router's endpoint, profile, and device IDs?

I have configured an XBee S2C module as a router using the SPI interface with my own driver. It connects perfectly fine with my XBee Industrial Gateway and I can send and receive just fine. But, when I go to the Smart Energy Gateway website and click on the “Tree” view, when I expand my device, which by the way is marked as active, It is not showing my router’s Endpoint, Profile, and Device IDs.

I can’t find anywhere in the documentation how to set these up using SPI AT commands. How do I configure these using AT commands?

(Please do not suggest using the xbee_ansi_c lib because I’m purposely not using it)


The XBee Industrial Gateway is NOT a smart energy device. It is a standard XBee Zigbee Gateway. The Smart Energy web site you are referring to was only for Gateways that had the Smart Energy App and firmware installed.