xbee mesh network series 2?

xbee cordinator : broadcast mode
xbee router1 : destination address----co ordinator
xbee router2 : destination address----co -ordinator
End device : destination address----router2

i want End device to send data to co-ordinator if router 2 fails!.

can series 2 xbee automatically sends data to co-ordinator via router1 if router 2 fails . or else i have to change any configuration?

I am assuming that both Router1 and Router2 are located in between ED and Coordinator.

With your current configuration, ED will never be able to transmit to Coordinator. You need to change destination address on ED to that one of Coordinator (not of Router2).

And yes, if Router2 fails, ED will automatically divert its data flow via Router1 towards Coordinator.


yeah end device destination address is cordinator