Xbee Multiple receiver and one transmitter


Can anyone help me to program Xbee in X-CTU software in which I want to use one Xbee (S2) as transmitter to send data to two or three other Xbees (S2) as receiver.

I have tested communication between two xbees in AT mode and that is fine. now I want to add multiple receivers.

Can anyone guide me?

Thank you.

Just use the coordinator in its default configuration and you will have what you are looking for.

Thanks for your support. But speed is slow. how to increase data sending speed?

What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the required delay for the propagation of the data or the serial baud rate?

Actually I have a String like


this string I want to transmit througxbee from one microcontroller to other two microcontrollers using xbees.
In microcontroller when I receive the string, I split the string such that characters received by microcontroller are $GP then the remaining values are split up and stored in variables. But when I am broad casting this string through one Xbee in AT mode, one Xbees only receive string one or two times in one minute of running.
As I am continousl transmitting string, i want other xbees to receive it continously because my remining program only work if there is string received by xbee.
Broadcasting is Ok but I have problem in continous receiving.

Moreover, Router receives some data and goes like in sleep mode as reset light always ON then all lights turn off but there is continous data transmission from coordinator.

I think my data transmission speed is very high because I am continuously sending this string. Because Now I have connected two xbess with pc and checking the transmission. When I send data by just pressing single keyboard key at a time then other xbee can receive. But When I try to send data by keep pressing the keyboard key, other Xbee dont receive data, I receive then it is very late.

Please guide.

When using a Zigbee Mesh based product and sending a Broadcast packet as you are from the Coordinator, there is an automatic break or pause between each transmission. This is done to allow for the packet to propagate throughout the network before the next transmission or data packet is sent.

Then what I can do for continuous transmission as the other microcontroller function is based upon data received. Microcontroller waits until data is received then remaining program runs.Otherwise it just waits and nothing happens.

Please suggest

when I send from router to coordinator, then it is perfect. Can I program remaining Xbees as end device and send data from router to coordinator and end devices? If yes then please guide for XCTU settings.