Send ASCII Array from one Xbee to other three Xbees


I am using Xbee S2 and I want to send a text array (conraining some value) from one microcontroller through Xbee (as coordinator) to other three Microcontrollers to be received by other three Xbees.

I have tried to broadcast message in AT mode from coordinator to Routers by putting coordinator DL as FFFF and Routers DL as 0.

But I am not receiving data continously. after receiving text array one or two times, routers go to sleep and then again wake up and receive data and again go to sleep. But I have not activated any sleep mode. But lights on coordinator are always on which means they are sending data.

But when I reverse the case, If I send data from router to coordinator then everything is perfect. But in this case I cannot send data to other Xbees which are also in network as router.

Please guide.

Can I configure remaining Xbees as End Device and then can I send Data from one router to coordinator and End Devices simultaneously> If yes then please share XCTU setting.


What you are seeing is the required latency needed to allow each data packet to propagate throughout the network. The only way to not have that latency occur is to use Unicast mode. If that is not an option, then you can try using either API mode or send the data as one data packet that includes the data for all nodes all at once.

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Thank you for Answer.
Kindly guide me for XCTU setting that I need to do so that I can transmit signal to other xbees continously, as I have no idea about other modes of operation you suggested.


Any one can help me??