XBEE node as range extender

Hello, my name is andy and i quite new to xbee. I wanna learn is xbee can be used as wireless data extender?

Here’s my concept.

So there is 3 tipe. Mobile node, static node as router, and base station / coordinator.

The mobile node search the strongest signal / the nearest static node an send the data to it. and the static send it to base station.

Is there any tutorials or project which i can study for?

regards. sorry for bad english

Apa Khabar? :slight_smile: - lived in SG 11 years.

802.15.4 (or S1 Xbee) doesn’t work this way.

ZigBee or DigiMesh can work this way. However, the logic is a bit different. Say your mobile node is parked near Node 4 - it wants to talk to Node #2. Since node #2 isn’t a neighbor, a ‘route discovery’ phase takes place (taking perhaps 5 seconds), where eventually node 4 understands that it can talk to node 3, who knows how to talk to node 2.

The problem with this is that now all of the nodes ALSO learn that they talk to node #4 to reach your mobile node. Fine, so your mobil node moves to node #3 and node #2 tries to talk to it. It uses the route tables to send to #3, who sends to #4, who discovers it can no longer talk to the mobile node.

Therefore route discovery happens again, another 5 seconds of useless dead time.

So with Zigbee or DigiMesh, you have a working system, but just understand that it takes time for old routes to fail and new routes to be built. So if your mobile node is a farm vehicle or researcher walking around a forest, you may be okay. It if is a race car, you risk the routes being bad before they are fully discovered :slight_smile:

Digi has some white papers on their web site, plus search the web for Zigbee tutorials.

oh hi, saya baik baik saja :smiley:

thanks for anwering. and sadly there’s just only s1 xbee and few xbee pro without s1 label.
ok, maybe i’ll look into tutorials.