Xbee on Linux in AT mode

I want to transmit and receive data in AT command mode using Linux terminal.
Is there any way to do so?
without XCTU?


Sure. Which XBee product are you using? I think you will find that short of using API mode or firmware upgrades, just about anything that can be done in XCTU can be done using a Terminal emulator or similar program.


I am using XBee S2. I am familiar with XCTU software and I have also worked with it on my Controller. Now I want to work with it on Linux.
So if there is any user guide or start-up guide to work with it it would be great.

Thank you
Abhishek Parikh

You can use the New XCTU 6.x version on Linux but Digi does not have a specific users guide or quick start guide for operating on Linux.


Any C code working with Windows or linux ?

The only sample Code that Digi offers is what is found in the Programmable XBee SDK.