Xbee PRO 900 Digimesh OEM RF Module security

I would like to use the 900 Digimesh modules for building sensor communication to an ethernet gateway. I understand that there is a way to “lock down” a network of modules so that they only communicate amongst themselves and not respond to outside RF modules that may be nearby. I want to be sure that no one can accidently or maliciously join the network and do bad things.

Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction or to a document that explains how to secure a Digimesh network. I’ve read the product manual, but maybe I am not seeing it.

Thanks in advance.

Set the encryption enable “EE” to 1 and set an AES Encryption Key “KY”.

Thank you. That got me going on the right path. I found the following article after you mentioned the EE and KY parameters:
I will experiment with those settings and see if the Digimesh nodes follow the same set of rules given that all nodes have the same profile.

Best Regards