XBee-PRO 900HP board setup

I connected the board to the power supply provided with the kit. Red LED is flashing marked D51 on the board. LED D55 on the board is on and not flashing. Color is amber.

I’m using Win 7 x64 on my development machine. Device manager shows USB Serial Converter. I don’t see a COM port listed in Network Sharing Center. Can you advise?

You would not see a COM port under Network Sharing. Network Sharing has to do with Ethernet and WIFI Network adapters.

An XBee is considered and seen by windows as an RS232 COM port and cable. Not a network device.

Your’re right. I can’t see the COM port in Windows Sharing Center.

Here’s where I’m at so far.

  1. Connected XBee Interface Board with USB cable to development machine.

  2. USB Serial Converter Driver installed and showed up in Device Manager.

  3. USB Serial Converter>Properties>Advanced and changed settings:

Load VCP ON (checked)

  1. Connected USB BDM Multilink modem PART #USB-ML-12E from pemicro.com to USB port on development machine. (Win7 x64)

  2. Started driver from cmd for modem. (wdreg_gui.exe -inf windrvr6.inf enable)

  3. Started XCTU.

  4. Clicked Discover Radio Modules.

8.XCTU found COM3 USB Serial Port. Clicked Next.

  1. Used Default Set Port Parameters.
    9600-8-N-1-None. Clicked Finish. Got 0 Devices found.

  2. Tried XBee recovery. with XBP9B-DM>Xbee PRO 900HP 200K>8071(Newest) firmware.

  3. Got dialog to Press Reset on board.

  4. Error Can’t find bootloader.

I’m using the Programmable XBee-PRO 900HP Development Kit. Is anyone on here using this product? Trying to access 1 board. Thanks for all the help. Ask if I omitted anything.

For the programmable modules, you must first load an application via the Code Warrior Studio software and BDM programmer before you can access the RF module via XCTU. Even then you must load the Boot loader application for that to work.