XBee-PRO Communication

Dear All,

I am having two numbers of XBee-PRO RS232 adapters. How to establish a communication between these two Adapters. I am having X-CTU software.

How to start with this.

Please guide me to do this.

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What model number do you have?

it will depend slightly on what type and their firmware version. I’m going to assume you have the 2.4GHz variety with ZB firmware. In that case the following basic settings have to line up:
pan id (ID)
encryption enabled (EE)

in addition the DH/DL values either need to be set to broadcast or the address of the other (SH/SL).

Using sleep can complicate matters. Sleep is disabled if SM=0

Send your configuration files and we can comment further.


I have the same problem did,t you find the trouble ?