XBee Pro power requirement

I am using an XBee pro and a Parallax USB adapter.
The Parallax USB adapter uses a FAN2500S3 circuit to convert the 5V into 3.3V. This circuit has a maximum current output of 100 mA.
I understand from the XBee pro specs that the power requirement is 180 mA for maximum output.
With this setup does it mean that the maximum transmission power of the XBee pro cannot be obtained and thus reducing the transmission range ?
Question : To obtain the maximum power the 3.3 V must be supplied from another regulator that can deliver more than 180 mA ?
Thanks for your help
Rgds Alain

I wouldn’t assume that the device is going to operate gracefully when it can’t draw enough current. You might put the radio portion of the module in an undefined state in that scenario. I’ve things like that happen with other Digi products.

Also, there are low power varients of the Xbee. they use 40mA, which would be well within your 100mA budget.

see pg.9 specs of low power unit here:

Tks for the reply. I will use less power consuming Xbee.
Rgds Alain