Xbee pro S2 collect sensor data

Hi, i need help badly. I have a sensor and xbee pro S2(slave) connecting on the breadboard, and Xbee pro S2(master) connecting to the pc. How do the I collect sensor data when the sensor sense something go pass and the Xbee pro S2(slave) will wirelessly communicate with the Xbee pro S2(master)?

Thank you.

Hello … Kitty … Lah! :slight_smile:

You need to explain a little more what firmware you have … in Zigbee there are no such thing as ‘master’ or ‘slave’, so we don’t know what you really want.

As a guess, setting IR=0x2710 will for example cause the remote unit to send an ‘IS’ data packet back to the Coordinator, which will show the values of any digital or analog pins configured.