XBee Pro S2 does not respond to II command

I’m trying to force my coordinator (API 2170) to a specific initial 16-bit PAN ID using II.
The Xbee responds, but when I read OI, it is not the one I set.

What can be the problem?


I believe II is only an 802.15.4 value and ZigBee 2007 (which the S2 and 2170 fw uses) overrides it to gain a larger PAN ID space.

Under Zigbee you should use the ID setting to force a fixed PAN Id, which can be a 16-bit value if you like & then OI return it.

I’ll try to explain my situation better.
My application requires the coordinator to switch different (64-bit) PAN IDs.
After a power cycle, the coordinator wakes up on a specific PAN ID, it than switches to a different PAN ID and is looking for new routers on that PAN (and letting them know its PAN). After a while, it returns to its original PAN.
The goal is to keep the old (known) routers and the newly joined routers.
What I see is:

  • On power cycle, known routers join the PAN ID. OI reads the same 16-bit PAN.
    (coordinator switches PAN)
  • When the coordinator returns to its original PAN, OI reads two different values. The router has the original, and the coordinator has a new one.
    That is the reason I try to set II to a fixed 16-bit PAN.

I hope that clarifies my situation.