Xbee pro S2 wake up

I have two xbee pro S2 (remote units) both have same settings except one is ID 2 amd the other is 3. Base unit is 1.
I have PR=82 and connected a limit switch to DIO3.
The xbee’s are set for cyclic sleeo for 10seconds.

Xbee 3, when ever I toggle the limit switch, pulling the line low, my xbee will wake up and transmit instantly. When I release the switch the xbee will not stransmit unless the sleep cycle time is finished.

Xbee 2, does not transmit anything instantly.

They are both stand alone remotes units, running from batteries.

I would like xbee 2 to also detect the falling edge, wake, transmit and sleep.

Pin change detection is set to 0 on all xbee’s