Xbee PRO S2B doesn´t run application when connected into the sparkfun. Xbee Dongle.

Hello, I’ve been working with the Xbee PRO S2B and have faced a series of problems that I´ve solved, but I’ve gotten into this problem which I haven´t found answer.
Using the “XBIB_U_DEVI” and the “PEmicro Multilink Universal”, I’ve loaded the “simple_chat_ZB” example that comes with the Programmable XBee SDK. I’ve tested it with the loaded Xbee PRO S2B pluged intro the “XBIB_U_DEV” and another Xbee PRO S2B module linked with XCTU as a coordinator, and it works perfectly. I connect the module to the serial terminal found in code warrior anstype a MAC address, then I type a message and they are sent from the loaded diviece and they are recieved in the XCTU console.
My problem comes when I unplugged the loaded Xbee PRO S2B from the “XBIB_U_DEV” in order to plug it into the “Sparkfun Xbee Dongle” (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11697). When I connect it into my PC, Xbee module doesn’t run the application loaded. It seems to get stuk in the part where it sends data. It allows me to intruduce the mac address and it gets the message I typed, but this appears in the console: “joined” and it doesn’t send message to the coordinator.
I’ve also loaded the “transmit_basic_frames” example and it´s the same. Everiting works perfectly when the loaded XBee is plugged into the XBIB_U_DEV, but it doesen’t work when plugged into the sparkfun dongle.
I know the Xbee is well programmed because when I plug it into the XBIB_U_DEV again, everithing works again. It seems that the Spark Dongle is the problem.
I have some questinos aboit it:
Does the XBee PRO S2B need to be plugged into the XBIB_U_DEV in porder to run the program correctly?
Can XBee PRO S2B modules work with the Sparkfun Dongle?
Can XBee PRO S2B work onlu with been energized?
How can I configure the sample in order to work with the donglen if it is posible?
I’ll wait for your answer.

I am not aware of any specific requirements other than current draw. But then again the Sparkfun board only has a few of the lines connected.

Try connecting the module to a breakout board and connecting only the few lines over to the XBIB board and see if you can get it to work. If you can, than it will be a power issue most likely.