XBee-PRO ZNet 2.5 Information required.

Sir i need your help to find me distributor of module given below for pakistan also kindly suggest me the module Xbee-pro znet2.5 is good or not … i have to use this for home automation project for controlling home electric appliances. please help me .

I need Information regarding Xbee modules.

  1. XBee-PRO ZNet 2.5 (Formerly Series 2) - 50 mW, U.FL antenna connector, 250000 bps, industrial grade (-40° C to 85° C)

Part Numbers:
North America:



looking Forward.please reply soon.

Naseer Ahmad
B.Sc Computer Engineering(2007-2011)

Not much idea about the distributors…but
regarding the Module…The module that u mentioned is XBee-PRO module…

it supports the modem version XBP24B(Znet) and XBP24-ZB.

XBP24-B(Znet) doesn’t support AO = 3… so u cnt get the ZDO requests through USART…there would be a problem if u want to create and handle ur own endpoints.

But the module also supports XBP24-ZB firmware…and supports AO = 3…n thus u can create ur home automation profile as needed…

well I say module XBEE-PRO S2 would b just fine for what u need…