XBee Pros/ Lilypad Arduinos/ Macbook help?

I can’t seem to get my Xbee pros to communicate. I connected the xbees using Hyperterminal and configured with X-CTU as described by this tutorial:


Firmware is up-to-date and both Xbees are at 57600 baud

I then followed this tutorial to allow my Arduino Lilypad to communicate with my computer:


One Xbee is configured as a transmitter and the other a receiver.

After all this configuration, I transferred to a Macintosh laptop, connecting my local xbee to my laptop via Xbee Explorer USB.

Here is an image of my wireless Arduino set up with Lilypad Arduino:

Both Lilypad Xbee and LilypadA each have a power supply and are connected together through TX and RX (switched).

I then tried to upload a code that should allow the Arduino to communicate with Max/MSP. But no luck. I’m getting uploading errors.

What am I doing wrong? I assume the xbees should be fine and dandy but they are not communicating. The RX light is not blinking either fyi.

PS. I did not follow the step in the second tutorial about wiring the receiver as you can see.