Problem with Xbee Pro series 2 regarding signal communication

I’ve configured both Xbees to have the same Pan ID (3137) and baud (at 57600). One is set up as a Coordinator (1) to be connected to my Macbook and the other as an End Device (0) to be connected to a Lilypad Xbee and Lilypad Arduino.

I have not changed any other parameters other than what was described in the previous paragraph. Still I am having problems getting the two Xbees to communicate. the lilybad xbee is connected to a power source when I’m doing tests.

One thought: after changing the parameters, did you use the WR command to write the values to non-volatile memory? If not, they’ll reset to default whenever they’re powered down.

And a question: you say these are series 2 XBees but you’re posting in the series 1 forum. There’s no law against that, but if they are series 2 then the coordinator behaviour is different and you may get more help by moving the question into the most appropriate forum.