X-CTU Parameters for Series 2 Xbee

Hi, I’m completely new to Xbee’s and I’m stuck on the config.

I’m using the arduino lilypad hardware with 2 xbee’s for a project, and im really struggling to set up the xbees to communicate. The xbees are series 2 and I was wanting to know what the parameters were to configure them in x-ctu??

I’ve gone through SO many readings to try and figure it out, and have only become more confused about the whole thing. So far, I’ve got:

xbee 1 - router/end device AT, PanID = 1616, My Address = FFFE (for some reason this changes on its own from time to time - help?), Destination Low = 0, baud rate = 3/9600/default, Channel = 0

xbee 2 = coordinator AT, PanID = 1616, My Address = 0 (this one DOESN’T change), Destination Low = 0, baud rate = 3/9600/default, Channel = 10

The only things that I had changed from the default settings were the PanID’s. I’m clearly missing something to make them work, but I have no idea what it could be. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Typically, you only need to set the PAN ID and baud rate to match, then set the DL and DH settings to zero on the Lilypad modem, so all data is sent to the coordinator.

On series 2 modems, leave the MY value at 0 as this mainly applies to Series 1 hardware. The 0xFFFE setting you are seeing indicates the modem has not joined the PAN.

Recommend you confirm the latest firmware has been applied to the modems for good measure.

Next, you may want to load the default modem configuration settings (to make sure there are no undesired settings), then change the settings metioned above.