Xbee Pros/ XCTU/ Macbook ???

So do I just need to program the Xbee modules using the XCTU program on a windows XP for the modules to work on any OS? See, I’m using a Macbook but I hear that you need Windows XP to use XCTU. So after I program the Xbee pros using the XCTU, essentially the modules should work on Macbooks right?

And thanks in advance, I’m really really new to this and I’m working on an art project using the wireless modules. Basically I have an “Arduino lilypad” which is a sensor interface connected to a “lilypad Xbee”, both are sewn on a costume. my lilypad xbee transmits signals to an Xbee explorer towards my Macbook, and the rest I make some programs to mess with the received signals. But I’m having difficulty getting the xbees to work.

The modules will work with any OS because the radios talk to COM ports, regardless of what program or OS is running on the other end.

The X-CTU only works with Windows, but even that isn’t required. Configuring the radios can be done through the use of the AT command set and any program with access to the serial COM port.

BTW- If you are having issues with getting the radios to talk, you may need to be a little more specific at this point. While I have answered the question you asked, I don’t know that it really solves your problem at all.

I have no issues getting the radios to talk at this point, but I suppose I will in the future since I haven’t really started using the XCTU yet. But so far you answered the question well, thanks.