Configuring xbee modules with parallels and XP

I have 2 xbee modules, an adafruit xbee adaptor and a sparkfun usb explorer.

I run XP in Parallels on my macpro and macbook.

I need to configure both modules - with ID’s and faster baud rates, but short story is that communication between the X-CTU and the modules, using either adaptor is intermittent/none existent.

Does there happen to be a definitive method for configuring the modules with the hardware and software i have access too (as above).

I’ve spent in the region of 7 hours trying as many methods as i can find via google to achieve this, but without success. :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

you should have no problem using xp on parallels. just make sure xp is in control of the usb explorer.
in xctu, if you see the serial port that corresponds to your usb explorer, you selectit and meke sure you have the right baud rate selected for the communication.

i had the same setup, although now i am using vmware instead of parallels so i cannot check whether there is any ‘strange behaviour’…