Xbee Route Discovery Nonsymmetric Backward Route

Can you alter the route discovery process so it uses non symmetric routing on the backward route?

Using Xbee 802.15.4 firmware.

802.15.4 uses broadcast to reach the destination address in the route discovery frame on the forward route. The backwards route uses Multicast. This is done using symmetric routing. This means symmetric routing is default. I assume Xbee firmware does not support non symmetric routing, however this is not stated in the Xbee manual. Can anyone provide documentation?

Which XBee product are you referring to?

Xbee Series 1.

There is no routing capabilities within the 802.15.4 product or standard. The standard and modules only support Point to point or point to multipoint or Peer to peer communications. That is to say, if the destination node is not directly in range of the transmitter, the data will be lost.