Xbee S1: configure radio channel from remote

Hello everybody.
I have a couple of Xbee S1 used as serial. (not API firmware).

One of this is difficult to access it because is part of an embedded system.
I should change the channel of radio transmission. Can I change channel without access to Xbee module? In other word, can I configure the radio channel from remote with another Xbee S1?



as far as I know you can achieve this with the new XCTU software (maybe legacy too) by adding Xbee to XCTU then click discover radio nodes in the same network. This will add your Xbees in the same network as the remote device. From there you can change settings remotely. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for reply! It was very helpful

I managed to remote scan of module in same network. Infact, remote module it was added on interface below the local module.

But I can’t retrieve remote configuration. When I click on remote module, appars this error message:

“It is not possible to configure remote radio modules when the local one is in AT mode”

There is a procedure to switch off AT mode on local module?

You need to change the AP setting from 0 to 1 or 2. You can do that from XCTU. Just click on local module and wait for XCTU to read all Xbee settings. Then find the AP one and change it. After that you need to write the new setting to Xbee.

Thank you very much to all!

I managed to change channel to a remote Xbee

I followed this tutorial:

  1. on local module set AP to 2
  2. scan for remote module on same network
  3. change remote channel or other options
  4. on local module set AP to 0