XBee S1 not sending serial number?

I have two XBee S1 configured. One sensing 3 Analog values and a digital port, the other just receiving packages.

The receive messages do not seem to have a serial number of the sending unit:

7E 00 10 83 00 00 1D 00 01 0E 08 00 08 03 FF 03 FF 03 FF 3A

I don’t see the 16 bit address of the sending unit in here. Is this only supported in XBee S2 ?

In my application I will have many senders and to distinguish where a message came from I want to use the SH/SL. I prefer not to have to program some number in each unit, but just know by the printed serial # (the 0013A2… number printed on the XBee).

The source address you are sending from is 0x00 00. If you want the 64 bit address, you will need to set the MY values to 0xFFFF on your ADC input nodes.

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Perfect that worked!