XBee S1 Pro Adapter question

Hey guys, here’s my setup, I have a XBee pro USB adapter connected to my laptop and I have another XBee pro RS 232 adapter connected to a credit card reader. Now using X-CTU or hyper terminal, I was able to send data wirelessly from the card reader to my laptop using just the XBee USB adapter and the RS-232 adapter. Now that was went the baud rate is set to 9600. Now I have another device connected to the RS-232 adapter which runs at a baud rate of 19200 but no data was received on my laptop. I think the problem lays with the baud rate, how do I configure the RS-232 adapter so that it knows to transmit data at a certain rate???

It sounds as though the BD command would be your friend here. You might also have to consider flow control options, given the different baud rates. That depends on how the devices communicate, in terms of whether buffers can overflow.


Thanks for the reply but, what is this BD command that you’re referring to?

It’s the command that sets the baud rate for the XBee’s UART. If you check the product manual, you’ll find it there.

The product manual I’m talking about is the one with the file name
(from the Digi website)
and the BD command is documented on page 37.

If that doesn’t help, then I’ve completely misunderstood the question :frowning: