unable to set the xbee at 230400 baud

I have some xbee pro modems for wireless serial. They show up as XBP24 in the x-ctu program. I’ve been able to set the baud rate at the various standard rates just fine (like say, 115200). I’ve also been able to set the baud rate at the nonstandard rate of 250000 (0x3D090) using the terminal. It works fine at 250k, it is also able to interface at 240k while being set at 250k. However, it seems that it won’t work when set to 230400 (0x38400). When I set that baud rate using the terminal the modem won’t respond to queries at 230400 baud, doesn’t transfer data at 230400 baud and must be reset to another baud rate to work again. Also the terminal cannot be accessed at that rate.

This is the commands I sent to set the modem at 230400 baud


This sequence of commands was successful for setting the baud rate at 115200 and 250000, but doesn’t work for 230400. Does anyone know how to set the xbee at 230400 baud. Also, if anyone knows of a wireless modem that goes at 921600 baud that would be even better.